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Somalia EOD and IED project visit outcomes

Staff recently visited field colleagues in Somalia to get a deeper understanding of what project staff encounter on a daily basis.

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Somalia EOD and IEDD project visit achieves objectives – that learning never ends at SafeLane Global 

SafeLane Global is a leading expert in the field of explosive threat mitigation; it operates aligned to the core beliefs that learning never ends and innovation drives success.  This can be clearly demonstrated by the outcomes from a recent UK HQ project visit to Somalia.

With over 100 international project personnel working across multiple sites in Somalia, the size of the project requires continual learning and development from members across the HQ team.  This ensures they are doing everything possible to guarantee the smooth running of this critical project.

To ensure learning was being captured and acted upon effectively, senior project executive Mel, logistics executive Debbie and management accountant Marta recently went to spend a week with the field team.

Project challenges include:

  • infrastructure
  • procurement
  • supplier relations

With this in mind, the HQ team’s objectives were to:

  • improve their understandings of field processes
  • review and audit as many of the project assets as possible
  • understand in-country financial processes

Communications is key for project success

A week out of the office, living and working in the field, enhanced the UK HQ team’s appreciation for the challenges their field colleagues face daily as a result of operating in sometimes austere conditions.

Although emails provide a 24/7 link between UK HQ and the field, sometimes it is easier to explain things in person or over the phone to ensure information has been interpreted correctly and quickly.

As efficient communications and positive working relationships between UK HQ and the field is essential for the success of all SafeLane’s projects, comms processes were reviewed and updated once the HQ team was back in the UK.

Information is now more efficiently filtered to all parties as required, ensuring everything possible is done to support project managers in the field.  They can now focus on their priorities even more, without worrying about delivering updates from HQ.

An additional beneficial outcome of the project visit was that field staff got a better understanding of HQ processes and why they need to provide certain reports.

Better understanding for everyone

The trip enabled a circle of improved understanding for both HQ and field team members.

HQ gained a better understanding of ground processes and were given the opportunity to learn from the experienced explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and improvised explosive device disposal (IEDD) trainers.  Additionally, they were able to provide on the spot problem solving and enhanced request prioritisation as they understood the needs of the field team in a way they couldn’t have via email communications alone.

The field team were also given a more thorough understanding of UK HQ processes and why they need to provide certain information.

The knowledge sharing gave the Somalia team the bigger picture, so they saw how their provided information affects HQ’s ability to support the camp’s needs.

Trip successes include:

  • more efficient communications processes
  • better understanding of the day-to-day operations in field
  • better understanding of UK HQ processes for the field team
  • training and mentoring for HQ staff subject experts
  • an improved understanding of Somalia’s financial landscape and processes
  • thorough auditing of assets
  • better understanding of the needs of both teams
  • fast tracking of the field team’s requests
  • strengthening of relationships between the UK and field bases

Well done to everyone involved in making this trip a success.

SafeLane believes learning never ends - and this trip enabled everyone to have the opportunity to improve their knowledge so everyone is better equipped to do their jobs and deliver for the client.

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