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Battlefield emergency first aid training in Somalia

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At the request of a humanitarian client, SafeLane developed an improvised battlefield emergency first aid (BEFA) course for students in Somalia.

The goal of the improvised battlefield emergency first aid course

The African Union Mission in Somalia is an active, regional mission operated by the African Union and consisting of military personnel from several troop contributing countries (TCCs). 

The improvised battlefield emergency first aid course was developed and designed to equip all soldiers with the ability to use easily accessible, everyday items for medical purposes.

The goal of the training is to prevent as many battlefield deaths as possible.  

Course timelines

The course can be delivered across time periods that are suitable to the needs of the client. 

Course content

The course content has been tailored to equip students with crucial knowledge that could save lives in the event of an injury sustained on the battlefield.

The course covers recognising injuries and complications, improvised temporary solutions, and vehicle extraction.

The lessons are a mix of theory and practical.

The practical lessons cover the emergency extraction and evacuation of injured troops. These sessions give students an appreciation of the challenges of manoeuvring casualties in a battlefield environment.

When equipment is limited, the resourceful skills that students are taught by SafeLane will save lives.

Course outcomes:

For troops who have not been issued with an individual first aid kit (IFAK), or if a situation arises where their IFAK has been lost / damaged or is unavailable, this course provides essential lifesaving knowledge.

The course is also taught to drivers and other roles and troops across Somalia.

Over time, with practice, the application of skills learnt in this course will undoubtedly save lives on the frontline.

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