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Clearing lines of disengagement in Southern Sudan

SafeLane Global was asked to provide two integrated teams to clear lines of disengagement (LOD) in Juba and Malakal.

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Southern Sudan operations

Each team comprised of mechanical assets (including MineWolf 370 and 240 systems) with manual support and Mine Detection Dogs (MDD).

Operations were supported by a country office that was opened in Juba.

Manual clearance of selected areas within Juba and Malakal using MDDs and mechanical assets (MineWolf 370 and 240 systems) was completed for the humanitarian client.

The two integrated teams SafeLane Global supplied used the most appropriate combination of mechanical ground preparation, visual search, sub-surface search, manual clearance and MDD quality assurance to clear each designated area in line with Sudan NTSGs.

1,677 landmines were cleared, and 364 items of unexploded ordnance.

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