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Detection and patrol dogs Burkina Faso

Using security and detection dogs, SafeLane protects a large mining company in Burkina Faso from security risks, including those from militants that threaten the safety of the region.

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Protecting mining clients in Burkina Faso

SafeLane Global successfully and rapidly deployed multiple security and detection canines and handlers, as well as project management staff, to Burkina Faso to protect a mining client from increasing terrorism related threats.

In addition to providing security and protection services, its canine teams provide narcotic and explosive detection services. 

As part of its contract, SafeLane is also developing local nationals as canine handlers as it continues successful operations for its mining client.

Understanding the threats its clients face in Burkina Faso:

Working with officials in Burkina Faso and its client, SafeLane Global's international operations management, together with its business development section maintain a comprehensive understanding of the complex threat environment in Burkina Faso.

This enables SafeLane to ensure the right assets are in country at all times, and be prepared to rapidly deploy any additional capacity at immediate notice.

With its up to date understanding, having deployed multiple assets in to the complex environment Burkina Faso poses, and with its live ongoing experience SafeLane has the readiness, capacity and expertise to support the mining and international communities across Burkina Faso from the multiple threats they face.

SafeLane's current detection and protection operations in Burkina Faso

Currently, canine teams provide detection of explosives and narcotic substances entering or leaving the mining site.

Additionally, the protection dog teams act as a deterrent to the illegal penetration of site perimeters in key locations.

SafeLane Global has deployed sufficient dogs and French-speaking manpower to conduct operations year-round.

All staff chosen have several years' experience within the detection and protection working dog sector, and continue to offer up to date training for all canines on project in order to maintain a fully capable and agile canine capacity.

SafeLane Global has successfully detected and deterred illegal activity and threats, and will continue to do so to protect its client's personnel and commercial operations.

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