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Detection dogs in Afghanistan

SafeLane Global was tasked with the provision of narcotic detection dogs (NDD) and explosive detection dogs (EDD) in Afghanistan.

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For its client, SafeLane Global was tasked with providing 13 narcotic detection dog (NDD) and 13 explosive detection dog (EDD) teams.  Each team consisted of 1 handler and 1 dog.

The canines were required to support security operations at five airport terminals at the 4 main regional airports within Afghanistan (Kabul (International and Domestic Terminal), Kandahar, Herat and Mazar-e Sharif).

We employed a total of 31 experienced and qualified local Afghani dog handlers, support staff and supervisory management.

Delivering detection dog services at airports

Its country manager provided operational oversight and local client management.  The dog teams provided up to 24/7 coverage at all airports.

EDDs and NDDs were deployed into Kabul ahead of project and operations commencing at each airport location.  Additionally, SafeLane Global ensured all life support and kennel infrastructure was mobilised and established in location ahead of the arrival of the new dogs and teams.

This meant they were ready to commence routine luggage, person and vehicle searches as soon as required.

SafeLane conducted quarterly quality assurance visits, which consisted of a canine manager visiting all five operational locations.  Training was conducted daily for all dogs.

In 2017, SafeLane Global demobilised all equipment and dog teams successfully and safely back to its kennel facility in Kabul where the dogs were reallocated and deployed to new canine security contracts.

During the contract the company recorded a significant number of narcotic indications.  These indications regularly demonstrated to the client the efficacy of the canine teams present.

Airport searches delivered by SafeLane's detection dogs 

Throughout the contract period the canine teams conducted the following number of searches across all airport terminal locations:

Baggage: 8,015,096

Vehicles: 100,158

Aircraft: 47,464

Open Area/Buildings m2: 39,177m²

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