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Exploded ordnance waste clearance in Australia

The Australian Department of Defence employed SafeLane Global to clear land of ordnance.

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Clearing exploded ordnance waste

SafeLane Global was awarded a contract for the remediation of unexploded ordnance (UXO) and exploded ordnance (EO) waste on 54.8 hectares of a former ammunition depot in Australia.

The project's objectives were to safely remove all UXO/EO waste, remove all ferrous material, demolish buildings and remove infrastructure that would interfere with the extraction of ferrous waste.

Using EM61 Mk2 for geophysical data capture, Minelab F3 metal detectors for shallow clearance, Foerster 4.032 Magnetometer for deep search investigation, SafeLane Global deployed an experienced and qualified team of 25 staff.

In turn, they trained 85 local personnel for area clearance and on specific search equipment.

The sheer volume of military ordinance, ferrous material, asbestos and general rubbish was much greater than estimated within the project's statement of work.  However, SafeLane Global rose to the challenge and a screening and two picking stations were operated during the project.

These ensured that the large amount of excavated and scraped material to be thoroughly cleaned and stockpiled was done so within the very tight timescale.


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