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Explosive detection dogs in Gao, Mali

For its humanitarian client in Mali, SafeLane Global deployed seven explosive detection dog (EDD) teams.

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Explosive detection dogs

The 7 explosive detection dog (EDD) teams were deployed in support of humanitarian operations in Gao, Mali for SafeLane Global's humanitarian client.

Teams consisted of 1 x handler and 2 x EDDs each, to be incorporated into the overall organisation security mitigation plans in Gao to assist with the growing threat of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and other asymmetric attacks against personnel and assets in Mali.

4 x EDD teams to cover operations at the client’s camp (24/7).
3 x EDD teams to cover operations at the client’s HQ (0600 – 1800 / 7 days a week).

SafeLane Global's teams conducted static entrance control, security screening, checkpoint searches, pre-planned search operations and and spot check/rapid response.

The EDD teams were supported by a managerial capacity comprised of a project manager and admin/log officer who were also based in Gao.

SafeLane Global successfully completed its mobilisation and accreditation activities with no delays.  All 14 EDDs were provided from SafeLane Global's dedicated training school in South Africa.

During operations teams received additional tasking to conduct a variety of building searches including government buildings, museums, and a former military camp and complexes.

Over 16,000 vehicle searches and 32,000 baggage searches were undertaken during deployment.

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