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Explosive ordnance disposal in South Sudan

Provision of an EOD consultant to support an exploration project in South Sudan.

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SafeLane Global was commissioned by a private client to provide an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) consultant to support its exploration project in South Sudan.

The consultant was tasked with providing on site EOD consultancy on all EOD matters, escorting team members in the field and providing advice on likely contamination levels.

This enabled the client to plan future activities.

In addition, SafeLane Global provided a safety officer who provided mine risk education to the client’s personnel to mitigate the threat posed by EOD in the region.

The team was operationally deployed throughout South Sudan.  Namely; Bungu, Wonduruba, Sindiro, Lobonok, Fagar, Yapa Boma, Moya Succon, and Limu. 

The safety officer also conducted desk top surveys and ground assessments to provide EOD consultancy to the client. 

The information obtained allowed client teams to move in the field by avoiding areas that were likely to be contaminated.

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