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Explosives detection dog teams in Damascus Syria

SafeLane Global was asked to supply explosive detection dog (EDD) capacity to support humanitarian operations in Damascus, Syria.

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Explosive detection dog teams

SafeLane Global's explosive detection dog (EDD) teams were operationally deployed at a hotel and the client headquarters in Damascus, Syria.

The initial requirement was to rapidly deploy three EDD teams to perform explosive detection duties at the hotel.  The teams were required to provide 24/7 entry control point (ECP) coverage, reporting directly to the security manager.

The aim of the deployment was for the teams to be used as a control measure to enhance existing security arrangements for the client, specifically targeting explosive hazards.  The teams were used for the protection of infrastructure through the search of baggage and vehicles at restricted ECPs.

The teams successfully integrated into the overall security management for the hotel and the teams were tasked with additional responsibilities.

The teams’ successes were demonstrated in multiple contract extensions.


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