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Kurdistan clearance for 3D seismic project

SafeLane Global secured a contract to conduct explosive remnants of war and battle area clearance in Kurdistan.

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Clearance work ahead of a 3D seismic project by a leading oil company

The areas to be cleared were the Rovi and Sarta regions of Kurdistan, 20km to the east of Erbil. The project was commissioned to remediate the land ahead of a 3D seismic project by a leading oil company.

The objective of the contract was to clear seismic lines ahead of a geophysical survey, and to ensure the safety of the survey teams and their vehicles and equipment.

The battle area clearance project was successfully progressing when Islamic state militants threatened the area, forcing the client to abandon. 

All SafeLane Global personnel were safely evacuated.

Prior to the project's cancellation, and supported by SafeLane Global's regional office in Erbil, an international project manager was supporting four local national demining teams.

Battle area clearance was conducted across 4,356 linear kilometres. 

The teams conducted operations by means of visual surface clearance and sub-surface clearance using large loop metal detectors.

There was no evidence of any unexploded ordnance or explosive remnants of war found during the clearance, before the project was forced to cease due to Islamic State.

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