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Oil & gas consultancy in Somaliland

Since 2013 SafeLane Global has supported multiple clients in Somaliland, including those in the oil, gas and security industries.

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Somaliland declared itself to be an independent state in 1991, following the brutal Somali Civil War; internationally it is considered an autonomous region of Somalia.

Today, Somaliland enjoys relative security and has therefore begun laying the foundations for greater economic activity.

Explosive ordnance services in Somaliland

In 2013, SafeLane Global deployed explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) consultants to conduct surveys for a client in the oil and gas industry.

Thereafter, SafeLane supported the activities of a security company that was conducting reconnaissance on the wider security threat of a proposed project location.

SafeLane has also deployed expat consultants to clients, provided field support and delivered multiple detailed threat assessments. 

For all projects in Somaliland, SafeLane responded at speed to each requirement and completed tasks well within set time frames.

SafeLane has deployed multiple assets and demonstrated multiple capabilities in Somaliland to date, and remains in regular communications with its clients, ready to rapidly respond to meet their area clearance needs.

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