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Reclamation of land in Mozambique

SafeLane Global was awarded a contract for the reclamation of land, and for battle area clearance work on the Afungi LNG construction site in Mozambique.

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Explosive remnants of war in Mozambique

The Government and citizens of Mozambique achieved an incredible milestone in 2015 when they were able to announce that all known anti-personnel minefields had been cleared.

SafeLane is proud to have played a part in supporting this incredible achievement, and is equally proud to continue operations across Mozambique for clients in many sectors including construction, infrastructure, energy and renewables.

These companies are investing in the nation, upgrading roads and facilities and ensuring employment.  However, their operations can still be affected by explosive remnants of war, and that is where we can help.

We are the only ISO-certified demining company in Mozambique, and will provide a risk assessment for your proposed site.  We will also support you with explosive threat mitigation planning, provide clearance works and even offer you a free site-specific security briefing to ensure all your staff are aware of any explosive threat - and what they should do in the event of finding a suspicious object.

Land reclamation work in Mozambique

A recent land reclamation project saw SafeLane remaining flexible to the needs of the client, with contract staff range from between 1 and 5 teams - represented by almost 500 staff at the peak, down to a 30 man team as operations drew to a close.

The project took place in Coastal Northern Mozambique, an area generally described as coastal forest including a mix of dry forest, woodland, regenerating scrub forest, grasslands and agricultural land.

We helped clear 300km of seismic lines, we also provided 71 ha of clearance for 2 onshore drilling sites, and 2,100 ha of area clearance on the Afungi LNG construction site (including clearing access ways, roads, boreholes and CPT sites, seismic lines, resettlement areas, camps and construction zones).

SafeLane employs and trains local national Mozambican staff

SafeLane Global deployed 110 technical staff to this project and then employed and trained 350 local staff.  On average, for all our projects across Mozambique, 95% of staff are Mozambican nationals.

For this project we also focused on battle area clearance for future construction zones.

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Whilst Mozambique is proud to be anti-personnel mine free, other explosive remnants of war remain in certain areas of the nation.  Do not put your project, personnel or professional reputation at risk, contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation.

Is Mozambique mine-free?

In 2015 Mozambique declared that all known mine fields containing anti-personnel mines were cleared.

Is there UXO in Mozambique?

Yes, unexploded ordnance (UXO) can still be found in Mozambique. Like many nations that have faced conflict, the nation has a legacy of explosive remnants of war.

How was Mozambique cleared of landmines?

It was once estimated it would take Mozambique 100 years to be mine free. However, the government commitment to clear lands for its citizens was so strong, and it was supported by donors and operators so the work to clear known mine fields was completed by 2015.


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