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Unexploded ordnance clearance in Australia

SafeLane Global cleared unexploded ordnance (UXO) from a former Special Forces' Range in Australia for a military client; 33 hectares of land in Canberra were remediated.Beschreibung 1

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Unexploded ordnance clearance in Australia

SafeLane Global was contracted by a military client to clear 33 hectares of land in Canberra, Australia.

Using EM61 Mk2 for geophysical data capture, Minelab FIA4 & F3 metal detectors and Foerster 4.032 Magnetometers, SafeLane began the painstaking work to remediate the land.

All unexploded ordnance (UXO) and exploded ordnance waste had to be removed, as well as all ferrous material - and SafeLane Global's engineers also had to safely demolish old site buildings.

Using an experienced and qualified team of 20 staff, SafeLane trained up a total of 46 additional local personnel for area clearance.

The terrain was a mixture of open areas, scrub and wooded areas as well as grenade ranges and mortar impact areas.

The work included 1 x picking station and was supported by a mix of plant vehicles; dozers, loaders, excavators, grader, dump trucks and 1 x trammel (earth sorter).

The project was completed on time, budget and to the client's full satisfaction.  Among the interesting finds were 64 piece of live unexploded ordnance.

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