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UXO desktop study in Sicily

SafeLane Global was approached by a client to provide an unexploded ordnance (UXO) desktop study to evaluate the risk/threat of UXO in support of redevelopment activities in Sicily.

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UXO desktop study:

SafeLane Global was approached by a private client to provide a UXO desktop study to evaluate the risk/threat of UXO in support of the redevelopment activities for a site located in Priolo Gargallo in Sicily.

Like many Italian Islands, Sicily suffered greatly from Allied bombing in the Second World War and was occupied from 1943 during Operation Husky.

This legacy of conflict continues to affect routine construction activities, posing a danger to workers and a costly disruption to planned activities.

Prior to commencing construction activities, the client wished to understand the risk of finding UXO and the types which might be found.

SafeLane Global conducted comprehensive research about the history of the area to understand more about potential hazards. This included investigation of:

  • Military history of the area;
  • Official and unofficial munitions dumping sites;
  • Military weapon ranges and training areas;
  • Wrecks of aircraft that may have a legacy of UXO contamination;
  • Defensive and offensive minefields laid by military forces;
  • Evidence of aerial warfare, including bombing, depth charge and torpedo deployment;
  • Evidence of naval surface and subsurface warfare and engagements;

A desktop survey evaluating the potential risk of UXOs in the area was delivered to the client to support their commercial ambitions.


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