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SafeLane completes UXO works in Al Mutlaa

SafeLane Global has successfully completed its unexploded ordnance (UXO) risk mitigation work in Al Mutlaa, Kuwait.

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SafeLane had been providing unexploded ordnance (UXO) survey and clearance operations  to support the Kuwait National Development Plan.  The objective of these works was to clear land that had been contaminated by unexploded ordnance to enable the safe development of essential housing for the  new city.

UXO risk mitigation during a global pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has created challenges across professional and personal worlds on an unprecedented scale.  For SafeLane’s international operations, the challenges relating to limitations of personnel movement were vast. 

SafeLane is proud to have successfully overcome these logistical challenges in order to complete the required survey and clearance in Kuwait.

UXO survey and clearance project results

The amount of unexploded ordnance contamination in this area is a huge issue and results from the Gulf War.  Due to the desert environment, ordnance can be buried deeply in the sand, and resurface or be displaced by sandstorms. 

Throughout the active 353 days of work that went into this project, SafeLane’s team completed survey and clearance of the area and safely removed almost 4,000 items of explosive ordnance:

Key achievements:

The entire project was highly successful, but key team achievements include:

  • Successfully completing operations during a global pandemic
  • Adapting the survey and clearance methodology used to meet changing requirements
  • Supporting a project which will enable the construction of 28,288 homes

Supporting the community in Kuwait

The community benefits from this project are significant.  The Kuwaiti government supplies its citizens with homes when they are married and a shortage of housing has resulted in people building second homes on top of their current houses to ensure there was enough room for second generation families. 

Now this land in Al Mutlaa has been cleared, the new housing units that can be safely constructed will make a huge difference to local Kuwaiti citizens.

Mitigate the risk of unexploded ordnance to ensure your construction project stays on track:

Conflict has impacted so many countries and the threat of unexploded ordnance impacts future developments.

From understanding the historical context of a project site to providing tailored explosive ordnance risk mitigation strategies, SafeLane is your end-to-end service provider - mitigating explosive threats on a global scale both on land and in the marine environment.


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