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UXO survey services in Southern Iraq

SafeLane Global was commissioned to provide unexploded ordnance (UXO) survey services in Southern Iraq by a leading oil and gas company.

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Land and marine UXO survey works

The operations required land and marine UXO specialists and equipment.

Using underwater metal detectors, land based metal detectors and differential global positioning systems (DGPS) equipment, SafeLane Global undertook the following:

  • Boundary marking and gridding
  • DGPS of agreed survey boundaries
  • Gridding offsite into selected grid sizes
  • Area survey
  • Priority onshore survey
  • Priority offshore survey
  • Offshore survey
  • Onshore survey
  • Anomaly marking on ground

The SafeLane project team included marine and land specialists in unexploded ordnance, and it employed host-country nationals and trained them in support roles.

The project enabled the construction of a seawater supply plant at the Common Seawater Supply Project Area.

The water was used for enhanced oil recovery from existing wells, and was also required to maintain reservoir pressures in major oilfields in southern Iraq.


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