Leading the way. SafeLane Global is trusted to create safer spaces for clients and communities around the world.

It detects, identifies and mitigates potential threats on land and in water, and provides training and consulting services to support the activities of governments, corporations and multinational organisations worldwide.

Wherever SafeLane Global goes, it breathes new life into unsafe environments, and positively transforms communities and the lives of those living and working within them.




A remote site medical and safety company Exploration Logistics became one of the first private companies to be involved in mine action in the international arena under the brand Mineclear.


BACTEC International

BACTEC International became the market leader in UK unexploded ordnance risk mitigation – on land and in water - by providing a comprehensive range of expert in-house services.


Heinrich Luthe

Established near Berlin, Heinrich Luthe focused on area clearance. The company’s founder had personal experience defusing over 200 large-calibre US and British aerial bombs from World War II.



Bautaucherei und Bergungsbetrieb Barth GmbH was established to provide offshore, inshore and nearshore services including hydraulic engineering services, technical diving work, and the recovery of explosive ordnance.


GRV founded

Gesellschaft zur Rekultivierung und Verwertung von Liegenschaften mbH (GRV) was a nationally owned company dealing with large-scale search, location and clearance of mines and ammunition as well as decontamination, disposal and remediation of military and other contaminated sites.


Mine-Tech Zimbabwe

Mine-Tech was created in Zimbabwe by former members of the military. It focused on area clearance work internationally.


MineTech International

Both Mineclear and Mine-Tech grew in size, expertise and reputation and worked together on several projects. The synergy of the two companies led to a merger, which created MineTech International as a part of Exploration Logistics.


GRV and Heinrich Luthe

Merger of GRV and Heinrich Luthe. GRV Luthe continued clearance operations in Germany, and focused on complex remediation and decontamination services as well as environmental engineering.


Perusa purchase

International private equity firm Perusa establishes Dynasafe Area Clearance Group as part of Dynasafe International AB.



Dynasafe MineTech, Dynasafe BACTEC, Dynasafe Kampfmittelräumung and Dynasafe Marine Services make up the services companies of Dynasafe Area Clearance Group and begin working closely together.


Solix purchase of Dynasafe

Perusa sells Dynasafe International AB to international investment company Solix


SafeLane Global launches

Dynasafe restructures the group; the Service and Product divisions separate to enable each to innovate with greater speed, efficiency and capability for their respective clients. The area clearance Service division is rebranded and SafeLane Global launches on 1st October.

SafeLane Global board members


SafeLane Global adheres to stringent health, safety, quality and environment (HSQE) operating procedures and is ISO 9001, 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 accredited.

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