SafeLane Global delivers tailored consultancy services to meet clients’ individual needs.

The range of consultancy services offered covers its land, marine and canine capabilities.

From delivering all forms of survey - from desktop to intrusive and from intertidal to geophysical - SafeLane Global also offers embedded and reactive advisory services, safeguarding and quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC).

For its 10,000+ clients, SafeLane Global delivers technical analysis, embedded expertise and safeguarding guidance as part of its full suite of consultancy services.

From strategic to tactical, from theoretical to practical – every aspect of a client’s advisory requirements are met by subject matter experts.

Explore the range of consultancy services available, or contact SafeLane Global to discuss your specific needs.



UXO surveys SafeLane offers include desktop, non-intrusive, intrusive, marine and intertidal surveys.

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SafeLane Global's full suite of consultancy services align with its land, marine and canine capabilities

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Risk education

Risk education and safety awareness programmes for clients and communities.

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