Offshore risk assessment for a submarine cable route

SafeLane Global's marine experts completed a detailed risk assessment for a 714km submarine cable route between England and Norway.

Detailed offshore risk assessment

SafeLane Global’s marine experts were commissioned to deliver detailed risk assessment for a 714km submarine cable route between Northumberland, England and Hylen, Norway.

For a project of this size and complexity, a vast array of both UK and Norway based resources / institutions had to be first identified then researched.

A very large volume of accumulated data had to then be analysed and presented in a bespoke report format that made it easily digestible and understandable for the reader.

A further challenge presented itself at the UK connection, which comprised of four separate landfall options, each including a beach / back beach area that required its onshore risk assessment, forming a part of the entire report.

Despite the almost inexhaustible quantity of research data available in the public domain, SafeLane Global provided a concise, accurate and useful document within the timeframe given.

Furthermore, its marine research team were able to divide the route into four risk levels, with over half of the total length designated as low risk, saving the client time and money.


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