Quality control, assurance and management

SafeLane Global's third party quality auditors provide its clients with invaluable unbiased inspections, reports and feedback.

Its external quality assurance and quality control personnel have the technical expertise relating to each client's project or needs, and work to ensure clients maintain compliance and safe practice.

Quality assurance and quality control services:

QA/QC are critical for the provision of assurances that client operations are being conducted to the highest standards.

SafeLane Global’s QA/QC personnel deploy to ensure that due diligence is being implemented and compliance maintained.  

For clients with larger international projects, SafeLane Global provides the expertise and skills to manage the entire unexploded ordnance or mine clearance outputs. 

It uses its own expert teams to project manage, coordinate and direct both the clearance and the QA/QC contracts.

Case studies

QA of deminer clearance skills Libya

SafeLane was commissioned to provide an explosive ordnance (EOD) consultation team in Libya for quality assurance.

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Non-intrusive survey for a solar energy farm UK

Non-intrusive survey of a former Royal Air Force station that was being developed as a utility scale solar energy farm.

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