Reactive consultancy

Rapid responses are delivered daily by SafeLane Global personnel in the UK and mainland Europe as they attend contaminated sites and finds of potential unexploded ordnance.

Reactive consultancy is also a part of its projects in some of the most hostile and remote environments including Somalia, Sudan, Republic of South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the image on this page, SafeLane Global's reactive consultants support efforts immediately following the deadly bomb attack at the Safari Hotel in Mogadishu in 2017.

What is explosive threat reactive consultancy?

All SafeLane Global reactive consultants understand that the ability to establish good working relationships with local authorities and communities is essential to ensure a successful project – no matter where it is in the world.

They work mainly in support of planned construction or seismic operations.

Teams generally work ahead of crews to identify, clear or advise on hazards to be avoided.  

With seismic reactive consultancy, consultants will identify any hazards along the lines enabling a seismic team to reroute seismic lines if necessary to prevent unnecessary delays.   

Rapid response teams are capable of conducting:

SafeLane Global also provides rapid response battle area clearance (BAC) consultancy teams to conduct the safe verification of potentially contaminated areas.

Case studies

Emergency response to explosion in Somalia

In 2017, Mogadishu was rocked by the largest explosion in the city’s history. SafeLane Global's Somalia team immediately responded.

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Battle area clearance in Libya

SafeLane Global provided long-term clearance operations in Hun in support of its client's ongoing humanitarian mission in Libya.

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