Safeguarding services

SafeLane Global provides unexploded ordnance safeguarding services internationally.

Safeguarding services protect its clients’ personnel, especially during reconnaissance operations ahead of construction or seismic work in potentially contaminated areas.

It embeds experts to assess ground conditions, protect staff and ensure safe operations at all times.

Safeguarding explained:

Safeguarding can take the form of risk awareness training for personnel about to be deployed, or physical chaperoning in the field.

It is always conducted by highly trained and experienced explosive ordnance disposal consultants.  

The service ensures the safe movement of clients’ staff and assets, and increases their awareness to the threat of explosive remnants of war (ERW).  

This approach is regularly utilised by companies operating in the oil and gas and mineral mining industries.

The service is mainly operational during the initial feasibility and exploration phases of a project and is an extremely effective risk mitigation tool ensuring that valuable budgets are kept to a minimum at this phase.

Case studies

Risk Assessment on a live military firing range Oman

SafeLane Global provided an EOD consultant to conduct a risk assessment and assist seismic surveyors.

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UXO risk assessments

SafeLane Global provided preliminary risk assessments for 46 sites in the South East of England, prior to the refurbishment and installation of water mains.

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Woolwich Arsenal UXO risk assessment

SafeLane Global undertook a comprehensive stage 2 risk assessment on the site of the former Woolwich Arsenal.

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UXO risk assessment for UK constructor

Provision of detailed risk assessment of a residential estate within a central London Borough, prior to its demolition and redevelopment.

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