UXO desktop surveys and risk assessments

The accuracy and reliability of SafeLane Global's desktop surveys means manual intervention by unexploded ordnance (UXO) specialists is not always required - saving clients time and money.

Reports and specialist interpretation are delivered rapidly so clients can make a quick and informed decision about the potential UXO risk affecting their land site or marine project.

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UXO desktop surveys and detailed threat assessments can reduce evaluation time, improve the credibility and quality of your project risk management, propose clear risk mitigation actions and ultimately save you time and money.

What is a detailed UXO risk assessment?

Detailed UXO risk assessments are a critical forerunner to the mobilisation of any SafeLane Global operation. Furthermore, they are a deliverable for any client wishing to determine the level of threat from unexploded ordnance in a given location.

Surveys can be conducted for any client in any location as a stand-alone deliverable – or as an initial stage ahead of any detection and clearance work.

Each UXO desktop survey provides information essential to making informed decisions.

Furthermore, a detailed risk assessment provides a bespoke, site-specific, comprehensive report on the potential risk posed by unexploded ordnance (UXO) to  proposed works.  All surveys are based on a site’s location, the potential extent plus the source and nature of likely UXO, as well as the likelihood and consequence of encountering UXO related to the proposed use of a site.

The deliverable is a bespoke, inclusive report, available in either a standard format or tailored to any client’s specific requirements.

Each risk report is produced by qualified explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) professionals, using all available information to make an accurate and reliable assessment of a risk level on site.

Where possible, GIS-format risk maps can be provided to clients.  These provide an accurately geo-referenced image of risk levels across a proposed site, which can be used for more precise and valuable risk mitigation strategy and planning.

SafeLane has produced risk assessments and UXO desktop surveys for thousands of locations globally, offering bespoke evaluation solutions to a wide range of projects.  It is also expert in blast simulation and post blast investigation reports.

SafeLane’s research department

SafeLane is a trusted partner for the delivery of comprehensive technical research to help inform policy, planning and deliver threat assessments – for clients, governments and intergovernmental organisations globally.

Preliminary UXO risk assessments

SafeLane Global’s bespoke preliminary risk analysis solution for the UK can provide accurate reporting to support better decision-making and risk management for its clients’ projects.

Based on 19 key datasets, each  assessment analyses over 100 regularly updated geospatial databases of unexploded ordnance (UXO) threats.

Each assessment also utilises the intelligence gathered from over 5,000 UXO risk mitigation projects and risk assessments already completed in the UK by SafeLane Global.

SafeLane’s reports are accurate, reliable and delivered instantly, so clients can make a quick and informed decision relating to the potential UXO risk on a site.

The instant reporting capacity reduces interpretation and evaluation time and improves the credibility and quality of project risk management.  It also proposes clear risk mitigation actions where they are required.

Individual reports can be acquired on an ad hoc basis, or alternatively, SafeLane offers options which enables clients with multiple ongoing projects to create several discounted reports to meet new requirements.

Post blast modelling and blast simulation reports

Where UXO has been discovered or is anticipated, e.g. close to an established pipeline, SafeLane employs scientific modelling techniques to provide a blast simulation report.

Reports are complemented by comprehensive expert recommendations, enabling clients to determine the impact of any risk and how best to mitigate it.

UXO surveys explained

Initial risk mitigation analysis undertaken by SafeLane Global for its clients’ projects identifies the most appropriate and relevant UXO survey technique and technology that should be deployed.

This depends upon the following key criteria:

  • the type of UXO or unexploded bomb (UXB) likely to be encountered
  • possible depth of UXO/UXB
  • ground conditions
  • scope of the proposed works
  • future use of the project site

Using a wide range of specialist in-house geophysical survey technologies and techniques, SafeLane provides tailor-made solutions for land and marine projects.  Each survey solution is designed to detect the potential target UXO.

On site quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) is conducted along, with software analysis verification by in-house geophysicists to ensure that each survey solution is fit for purpose and accurate.

UXO surveys are conducted by SafeLane Global’s in-house resources, (plant, equipment, technology and personnel) without the need to rely on sub-contracted services or equipment – saving clients time and money.  Order yours today.

People also ask:

What is a UXO survey?

A method of determining whether a land or marine environment is contaminated with unexploded ordnance. The first survey method adopted is the desktop risk assessment. Depending on its conclusions non-intrusive or intrusive surveys may follow.

What is UXO clearance.

The safe, systematic removal or destruction of unexploded ordnance. The method utilised for UXO clearance will depend on many factors: the type of threat, the location, its stability etc. In the UK, most UXO funds are cleared by the military.

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