Explosive threat mitigation operations

SafeLane mitigates the risk of explosive threats: it detects and clears unexploded ordnance (UXO), explosive remnants of war (ERW) and land mines. It is operational in support of the commercial and humanitarian needs of over 10,000 clients globally - from constructors in the UK to governments in the Middle East, from energy companies in Asia to humanitarian actors in Africa. SafeLane also deploys canine teams for detection and protection purposes, and provides services to support stabilisation and reconstruction including engineering, drilling, logistics and geotechnical services.



UK land-based unexploded ordnance services - how we can keep your engineering, construction or infrastructure project safe, on time and budget.


Commercial drilling services for water wells and boreholes, geotechnical exploration & geothermal energy supply.


SafeLane Global detects unexploded ordnance: from IEDs to landmines, from WWII bombs to chemical munitions: using the most appropriate methodologies.


SafeLane clears explosive threats including UXO, landmines & improvised explosive devices (IED): to protect against the threats of harm and commercial loss.


Safelane supports post-conflict stabilisation and reconstruction efforts and provides combat engineering and logistics solutions.


Provider of highly trained canine teams for explosive and narcotics detection, for patrol and protection; supporting commercial, government and humanitarian partners globally.


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