UXO, landmine & battle area clearance

As a UXO clearance company, SafeLane conducts battle area and landmine clearance. It supports more than 10,000 clients including oil, gas, mining and construction companies, and large supranational organisations.

By clearing construction sites of unexploded ordnance, waterways of chemical munitions, and international lands of mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), SafeLane Global protects against the threats of harm and commercial loss.

Clearing explosive threats for land release

SafeLane has the scale, capability and experience to meet all client explosive threat clearance needs – both on land and in water, and anywhere in the world.  It has the ability to rapidly deploy in a wide variety of environments: from remote areas to conflict zones; from construction sites to built environments. 

Its comprehensive international clearance capabilities on land and under water means it’s an end-to-end service provider for land release: consulting, investigating, detecting, risk assessing, clearing, training, project managing, providing site support and third-party quality assurance to its clients globally.


Battle area clearance:

battle area clearance

What is battle area clearance (BAC)?

Battle area clearance is a systematic search, detection and removal process to clear land contaminated with ordnance and munitions. It is not the same as mine clearance. Battle area clearance can only be conducted on land that is free from landmines.

SafeLane Global’s experts utilise the most appropriate and effective solutions available, ensuring that that new life is breathed into unsafe environments, positively transforming communities and the lives of those living and working within them.

SafeLane Global adheres to International Mine Action Standards, has developed industry-leading standard operating procedures (SOPs), and maintains its own award-winning Quality Management System.  It is also ISO 9001, 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 accredited, and adheres to every country-specific technical, training, licensing and clearance requirement.


Landmine clearance:

What is demining or landmine clearance?

Demining, mine clearance and landmine clearance are different terms of the same process of removing mines from an area – both anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. Demining methods used will be determined based on many factors including terrain, accessibility etc.

Having delivered in excess of 20,000 projects in over 60 countries, SafeLane Global is the first choice in UXO clearance companies for the removal of landmines and explosive remnants of war (ERW), including UXO and sub-munitions. 

Projects undertaken range from small team operations, to large, long-term integrated clearance projects, such as SafeLane Global’s ongoing work in Yemen and the Falkland Islands.

Landmine removal is paramount to the recovery of communities from conflict and for the safety of local people. 

Landmines are frequently placed in strategic locations to restrict movement and economic development during periods of conflict. 

As a result, long after the conflict ends, large areas of land are rendered unsafe and unusable until they are cleared by specialist de-mining teams. 

This harms economic development; towns, villages and agricultural communities are often faced with the loss of livelihoods, and citizens risk severe injury or death as they attempt to rebuild their lives. 

With many years’ experience and highly developed capabilities in mine action, through the strict adherence to its standard operating procedures based on International Mine Action Standards, SafeLane Global provides flexible and efficient mitigation solutions to clear those areas affected by strategic landmine deployment. 

Through the execution of these capabilities, SafeLane Global helps the affected communities re-grow through the clearance of roads and land for agriculture and the reconstruction of infrastructure, schools, hospitals and houses. 

SafeLane Global is committed to continuing the campaign to remove the danger of landmines from communities all over the world by working alongside global providers of humanitarian aid.

Clearance services provided by SafeLane Global for land release include:

Examples of landmine and battle area clearance work undertaken by SafeLane:

  • SafeLane has been a leading operator in landmine clearance and EOD since inception over 30 years ago.

  • It works for multinational oil and gas companies in countries including Iraq, Mozambique, Egypt, Laos and Kuwait.

  • All services can be provided individually or used together to suit any requirement. All work is underpinned by rigorous quality systems certified by ISO 9001:2015; based on International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and country specific standards and procedures.

  • SafeLane has provided emergency EOD and integrated clearance capacities across South Sudan in support of humanitarian operations.

  • It supports oil and gas providers in Iraq, providing a range of mine action services including consultancy, UXO clearance and risk education in support of planned upstream operations.

  • It pioneered the use of ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology to support its mechanical, EOD and rapid response capacity in Western Sahara.

  • It provides ongoing IEDD and EOD training and mentoring to AMISOM troops in Somalia.

  • It had multi task teams working to support the national disarmament programme in the Central African Republic.

  • SafeLane Global is registered and licensed to conduct the full range of mine action, EOD and canine services throughout Iraq.  It has offices in Basra and Erbil, a regional manager in-country to support clearance operations, and is currently operational supporting security operations in Mosul.  It has been supporting upstream exploration companies with mine action, explosive ordnance detection and canine services in Iraq since 2003.  It has a thorough understanding of the contamination threat affecting companies working in Iraq. 

  • In 2017 SafeLane Global completed a 16-month project on behalf of the Southern Oil Company in Sindibad. It had been tasked with clearing 8,000,000m2 of land adjacent to the Iranian border, of which 30% of the land was mined.

Case studies

Clearance for land release in Iraq

A leading oil and gas company employed SafeLane for land release and to remediate 8 million square meters of contaminated land in Iraq.

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Area clearance for geotechnical investigation Mozambique

SafeLane Global undertook clearance between Mucojo and Quissanga.

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Exploded ordnance waste clearance in Australia

The Australian Department of Defence employed SafeLane Global to clear land of ordnance.

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Landmine free Falkland Islands

SafeLane Global continues to work with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Ministry of Defence and the people of the Falkland Islands to clear the Islands of landmines.

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