Medical training

SafeLane Global designs and delivers medical and first aid training adapted to hostile and war zone environments where equipment and personnel are limited.

The hands-on training programmes explain, demonstrate and reinforce the differences between battlefield first aid and civilian pre-hospital trauma care, and arm participants with critical skills and confidence to deal with complex medical emergencies in high stress environments.

Most scenarios involving victims of medical trauma caused by explosive remnants of war (ERW) or improvised explosive devices (IEDs) – whether in a live or post-conflict environment – require those on scene to make immediate tactical and critical medical decisions.

These have to be made under intense stress and potentially imminent danger.

Without comprehensive, dedicated, and appropriate training anyone in this situation will be risking the health – possibly life – of both the victim and their entire team.

SafeLane Global’s own field personnel face these situations fully trained, as do its medical training course participants.

The relevant and unrivalled training programmes SafeLane Global designs and delivers are not only based on the real world experience of its highly skilled educators, but based on up to date scenarios and the latest medical skills and techniques.

Attendees graduate courses equipped with the knowledge, skills, techniques – and critically, the self-confidence needed to take the correct action in a timely and calm manner to prevent battlefield deaths.

Training is bespoke to each client’s needs, but is based on four core objectives: –

  1. Tactical combat casualty care (TCCC),
  2. Treatment of patients,
  3. Prevention of further casualties, and
  4. Completion of the mission.

Examples of recent courses delivered follows, but get in touch to discuss your bespoke medical training needs.


Medical training:

Battlefield emergency first aid (BEFA) and first aid refresher courses

Battlefield emergency first aid (BEFA) training is valuable for all arms of service deployed on operations.  It teaches basic trauma care skills for use during deployment. Besides basic first aid, it also covers the contents of the individual first aid kit (IFAK) and its use, blast injuries and environmental injuries.  Refresher courses are also offered

Combat trauma care (CTC) course

Combat trauma care training provides troops with the knowledge, skills and ability to act as a first responder to the scene of a casualty.  The aim of the course is to teach the student how to evaluate a situation where a casualty needs urgent medical attention, how to stop bleeding, treat blast injuries, achieve spinal immobilisation and transport patients.

Case studies

EOD and IEDD training Ivory Coast

SafeLane Global delivered explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and improvised explosive device disposal (IEDD) training programmes in theatre in the Ivory Coast.

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Battlefield emergency first aid training in Somalia

SafeLane designs bespoke training services, based on the needs of the client and built on the latest standards.

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Combat trauma care training

SafeLane delivers medical training for field and military personnel facing threats from explosive remnants of war (EWRs) and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

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