Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast had been considered a beacon of peace and prosperity in West Africa until an armed rebellion in 2002 initiated a decade of violence.

Enhancing local capacity to manage explosive threats was a key UN objective, to assist in the subsequent stabilisation efforts.

To this end, in 2015, SafeLane Global provided much needed EOD and IEDD training to local security forces.

SafeLane Global has extensive experience operating in Africa, where it has been active for 29 years across 28 different states.

With its significant experience, SafeLane Global understands that the nature of the threat environment can significantly vary across the African continent, and stands ready to provide a full range of services for the full range of explosive and security threats. 

Case studies

EOD and IEDD training Ivory Coast

SafeLane Global delivered explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and improvised explosive device disposal (IEDD) training programmes in theatre in the Ivory Coast.

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