Somalia has long been a hub of conflict and violence, largely driven by the Civil War from 1991 – 2006, and the subsequent collapse of state functionality.

Into this vacuum, inter-ethnic violence, regional security issues and terrorist activity proliferated, fuelling dangerous advances in the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

There is a significant need to remove the explosive ordnance left from decades of conflict.

Against this backdrop of insecurity, SafeLane Global has been delivering training and mentoring to African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) troops in IED disposal (IEDD) and force mobility.

As Somali forces prepare to take the mantle of ensuring stability and security, SafeLane Global remains poised to assist with its technical capacity, in-country knowledge and proven teaching and mentoring methodologies.

Case studies

Combat engineering in Somalia

Vehicle checkpoint (VCP) rebuild; inner security ring Mogadishu International Airport.

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Emergency response to explosion in Somalia

In 2017, Mogadishu was rocked by the largest explosion in the city’s history. SafeLane Global's Somalia team immediately responded.

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