South Sudan

After years battling for independence, South Sudan declared itself an independent state in July 2011.

Sadly, this declaration did not result in the end of armed conflict, with a further civil war breaking out in 2013.

SafeLane Global remained active in South Sudan throughout the transition to independence, and through many of the worst years of civil war.

It maintained its presence in South Sudan, supporting and protecting its humanitarian clients’ critical efforts.

Recent talks to promote a power-sharing agreement have been accepted by the warring parties, bringing new hope for the future of South Sudan and its people.

During the anticipated transition to peace and security, SafeLane Global will remain poised to assist its humanitarian clients, and its highly trained and experienced personnel will be available to deploy to meet any time sensitive deadlines.

Case studies

Clearing lines of disengagement in Southern Sudan

SafeLane Global was asked to provide two integrated teams to clear lines of disengagement (LOD) in Juba and Malakal.

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Mine detection dog teams South Sudan

SafeLane Global provided mine detection dog (MDD) teams to support mechanical operations in the Juba area.

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Explosive ordnance desktop assessment for oil company South Sudan

SafeLane Global conducted an explosive ordnance desktop assessment for a leading oil company.

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Integrated clearance capacity South Sudan

SafeLane Global provided manual teams, community liaison teams and a MineWolf System.

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Emergency response in South Sudan

For its humanitarian client, SafeLane Global provided six explosive detection dog (EDD) teams in response to an emergency requirement after notice of civil unrest.

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Route survey teams for humanitarian client

SafeLane Global deployed two route survey teams to conduct a variety of activities to support its humanitarian client in South Sudan.

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Explosive ordnance disposal in South Sudan

Provision of an EOD consultant to support an exploration project in South Sudan.

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