Marine environmental impact assessments

SafeLane provides unexploded ordnance (UXO) focused impact assessments as part of environmental impact assessments for clients working in the marine environment.

Its services support planning, consent, development - and environmental protection and resource management.

Environmental impact assessments are critical ahead of the development of any offshore project.  SafeLane’s expert advice, focused on unexploded ordnance and related threats, supports the development of accurate and meaningful environmental impact assessments.

SafeLane’s marine team‘s research is niche.  It assesses any potential environmental impacts on marine habitats posed by conventional and chemical munitions.  Its input is critical to the delivery of compliant environmental impact assessments.

When completing any unexploded ordnance (UXO) focused impact assessment, it always takes into account any provided environmental impact assessments from the client.  

SafeLane Global can also provide environmentally conscious workflows to mitigate the environmental impact of UXO related works.  

The team will consider environmental licensing requirements, UXO desktop survey results and the most appropriate UXO risk management strategy to deliver accurate and reliable data.

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