Marine UXO risk mitigation strategy

If a threat is identified in your unexploded ordnance (UXO) desktop threat and risk assessments, SafeLane's marine team will develop an appropriate risk mitigation strategy to enable your project to progress safely and in a timely manner.

The objective of a UXO risk mitigation strategy is to ensure that sources of potential UXO are accurately identified.

Then the risk posed by UXO to the project / works can be objectively assessed.

Thereafter, a strategy can be developed for managing the known risk at hand. 

SafeLane Global always considers the requirements of the project and its stakeholders, meaning all risks are considered – from environmental factors and risks to life, to reputational, financial and licensing issues.

The outcome of the risk mitigation process can lead to various outcomes.  Examples include: 

  • factual evidence that determines the risk of UXO is insignificant and no further intervention is required
  • strategic recommendations on processes and interventions to reduce the UXO risk to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP)
  • recommendation for further on-site UXO survey or intrusive investigations
  • determining suitable methodologies for installation and construction operations

Depending on the scale of a project, all of the foregoing scenarios could occur. 

As a client, you can have absolute confidence in SafeLane’s marine team to underwrite and comprehensively mitigate every risk to your project’s successful outcome.  Contact the team to learn more and discuss your needs.

Case studies

High resolution magnetometry survey UK

SafeLane Global conducted a high resolution magnetometry survey to identity potential items of ordnance at a former RAF base in Gloucestershire.

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Marine non-intrusive survey Merseyside

SafeLane's marine team conducted a non-intrusive survey using magnetometer, side scan survey and 3D (seismic) chirp sub bottom profiling for a client in Merseyside.

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Offshore wind farm target investigation

SafeLane recently conducted target inspections and the removal of anomalies using UXO divers for Ørsted Energy’s Race Bank offshore wind farm project.

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