Marine UXO and engineering operations

SafeLane's experienced marine team is trusted to create safer working environments offshore, inshore and nearshore - globally.

Marine operations include fully integrated unexploded (UXO) ordnance services, technical diving and marine engineering services. SafeLane has a global network of ready-to-deploy assets and personnel.


Project management

SafeLane provides project management services to clients where unexploded ordnance (UXO) has been identified as a potential risk on a marine project.

UXO geophysical survey

Offshore and intertidal geophysical surveys for UXO and other obstructions enable potentially dangerous objects to be avoided or removed.

UXO target investigation

Post survey, SafeLane provides unexploded ordnance (UXO) target investigation services in any marine environment: offshore, nearshore, intertidal.

UXO disposal operations

SafeLane provides unexploded ordnance disposal using dive teams, work class remote operated vehicles or subsea lifting equipment.

Chemical warfare services

Chemical warfare control and risk services in the marine environment include providing monitoring & decontamination teams and training.


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