Marine UXO geophysical survey

SafeLane combines onshore data from risk assessments with offshore and intertidal geophysical unexploded ordnance (UXO) survey data to deliver clients the data they can rely upon.

With a wide range of survey experience - ranging from shallow water surveys to deep sea investigation works, SafeLane’s experienced operations team can produce detailed services for every phase within any size of geophysical survey campaign.

SafeLane has delivered offshore and intertidal unexploded ordnance (UXO) surveys across the globe, and employs a dedicated team of highly trained marine geophysicists able to respond rapidly to fulfil any client requirement.

Always working to client specifications, SafeLane provides bespoke solutions and correlates data sets using its own in-house industry-leading software. 


Marine survey for unexploded ordnance in Liverpool

SafeLane always provides the best solution to your geophysical survey requirements

The blend of experience and the latest technology means SafeLane can support a client’s UXO risk management strategy with the following geophysical survey related services: 

  • marine environmental impact assessments
  • consent survey services
  • bathymetric surveys with LiDAR combination
  • magnetic total field and gradiometer surveys with sonar road mapping
  • 3D seismic surveys with geological interpretation 
  • UXO data interpretation and as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) submission 
  • Data management and processing services

For the full list of UXO specialist survey services, please refer to SafeLane’s downloadable marine capability statement.

Alternatively, contact the marine team to discuss your requirements.

Case studies

Marine non-intrusive survey Merseyside

SafeLane's marine team conducted a non-intrusive survey using magnetometer, side scan survey and 3D (seismic) chirp sub bottom profiling for a client in Merseyside.

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High resolution magnetometry survey UK

SafeLane Global conducted a high resolution magnetometry survey to identity potential items of ordnance at a former RAF base in Gloucestershire.

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