Marine UXO target investigations

After unexploded ordnance (UXO) surveys have been completed, target investigations begin on relevant areas to determine if UXO is present. These investigations can be completed in any marine environment whether offshore, nearshore or in intertidal zones.

SafeLane Global will either gather or process marine survey data and create an efficient and cost-effective methodology for full target investigation works. 

Its technical team has extensive target investigation experience and it produces appropriate, detailed documentation using workflows and databases that have been developed in-house.

SafeLane provides investigation services using:

  • its marine technical operations and management team
  • internationally qualified explosive ordnance disposal clearance diver teams
  • specialist work class remote operated vehicles, (WROV)

SafeLane has the technical capabilities to identify and overcome any challenges posed by obstructions including unexploded ordnance and chemical munitions in the marine environment.  It enables its clients projects to progress safely and profitably as a result.

Target investigation works

If obstructions including UXO have been identified or are suspected ahead of your marine project, contact the team for instant support.

Case studies

High resolution magnetometry survey UK

SafeLane Global conducted a high resolution magnetometry survey to identity potential items of ordnance at a former RAF base in Gloucestershire.

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Marine non-intrusive survey Merseyside

SafeLane's marine team conducted a non-intrusive survey using magnetometer, side scan survey and 3D (seismic) chirp sub bottom profiling for a client in Merseyside.

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Offshore risk assessment for a submarine cable route

SafeLane Global's marine experts completed a detailed risk assessment for a 714km submarine cable route between England and Norway.

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