Global Gallop fundraising recipients

SafeLane staff around the world ran in solidarity in September for the Global Gallop. They raised over £13,000 for victims of explosive accidents. In this news update we will be adding the stories of the fundraising recipients as they are awarded funds or donations.

The Global Gallop 2019 fundraising recipients

Staff from SafeLane’s suite of global projects took part in half marathons all over the world on the 29th of September 2019.

They were running to raise money for victims of landmines, improvised explosive devices and explosive accidents.

Having raised over £13,000, the next task for operations managers was to identify beneficiaries and determine how best to provide support as in many cases, a financial donation would be inappropriate for cultural or security reasons.

The stories of all fundraising recipients will be added to this post over the coming months as funds are distributed per country and utilised in-country.


The first recipients are the Qader family from Afghanistan

Fundraising recipient Mr. Abdul Qader receiving donations from SafeLane following the Global Gallop

Mr. Abdul Qader was a professional driver, but in 2015 the car he was driving was hit by an explosion from a mine.

Mr. Qader sustained severe injuries resulting in the loss of one leg and the loss of the other leg from the knee downwards.  Despite receiving medical treatment he has also been left visually impaired and in constant pain.

As a result of his injuries Mr. Qader is no longer able to drive for a living and has to work as a daily labourer when work is available.

He has a wife and 3 school-age children, 2 daughters and a son.  After paying the monthly rent there is limited money to feed his family.

Thanks to all the exceptionally generous donors and the incredible participants in the Global Gallop, SafeLane can now make a significant contribution to life support, medical treatment for Mr. Qader and schooling costs for his children.


Supporting the Fazluddin and Jamila families in Afghanistan

Mr. Fazluddin’s only son was killed in a suicide attack in Kabul in 2017.  The shock and grief caused Mr. Fazluddin ongoing medical problems which have resulted in him suffering mobility issues.

The Fazluddin family receiving support from SafeLane

Following the death of his son, Mr. Fazluddin is responsible for the care of his wife, daughter, daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren.

Thanks to the wonderful runners who took part in the Global Gallop and all the exceptionally kind donors, SafeLane is able to support the Fazluddin family with the purchase of essential food items, medical treatment and education for the three grandchildren.  

Mrs Jamila is a widow whose son was killed in a suicide attack in Jalalabad city in eastern Afghanistan.  She supports her widowed daughter-in-law and two grandchildren.  They live together in very difficult conditions and find it hard to afford even the basics of food and heat.

The Jamila family receiving support from SafeLane

SafeLane’s support will enable them to move to better accommodation and afford food and heat throughout the fast approaching winter as well as education for the children.