Investing in staff wellbeing

Supported by the company's leaders, SafeLane's global operations support manager Lloyd Comer has cleared space in the HQ's warehouse and set up a multi-use gym for all staff.

Investors in people

Proving themselves to be real investors in people, SafeLane’s leaders have supported the development and expansion of an in-office gym for all headquarter’s staff.

Based in Phocle Green, SafeLane’s gym has been nicknamed Phocle Phitness.  It started with just a few mats and weights last summer, but proved so popular with staff that the company has now invested in a whole range of equipment – from cardio machines to weight benches, and from punch bags to battle ropes.

Phocle Phitness is open for business daily – with HIIT classes every lunchtime at 1pm.

All staff are welcome, (although, it’s a bit of a drive up from Gillingham and a long flight from many of the company’s active projects globally!)


Healthy body = healthy mind

SafeLane’s leadership team includes many decorated veterans, as well as business leaders; they know that mens sana in corpore sano.  I.e., physical exercise is essential for mental and psychological wellbeing. 

As a result, it’s become company policy to support staff to stay physically and mentally fit and healthy.

A career at SafeLane is certainly not your ordinary job.  Every team member helps make the world a safer place every single day.  With such privilege comes real responsibility and a requirement for hard work and dedication. 

Some days are more challenging than others – but to have a dedicated space on site to let off steam at any time of the day is a truly beneficial advantage.

If you want to work for a company that cares – about the communities and lives it positively transforms around the world and your own wellbeing too, check out the careers page.  Find your future with SafeLane Global.