Contamination management

SafeLane understands contaminated land and water are health, safety and financial liabilities threatening people's lives, environmental integrity and the profitability of a client's project outcome.

It provides land and marine contamination management services; from the identification of the contaminant risk to the selection of the appropriate remedial solution.

From the completion of desktop studies to the digging of trial pits and borehole investigations, SafeLane works with its clients to determine the nature and level of contamination, as well as its extent, in any land or marine environment.

It fully understands sources, pathways and receptors are many, varied and often overlap.

Where unacceptable risks exist, risk management action follows.

SafeLane has extensive experience in the selection of appropriate remediation solutions – including on difficult and complex land and marine sites. 

It also has extensive experience in the review and verification of remedial completion reports.

Case studies

Demining in Mozambique for a petroleum company

SafeLane Global provided bush clearing and demining services for the petroleum production agreement infill and delineation wells project.

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Clearance for land release in Iraq

A leading oil and gas company employed SafeLane for land release and to remediate 8 million square meters of contaminated land in Iraq.

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Woolwich Arsenal UXO risk assessment

SafeLane Global undertook a comprehensive stage 2 risk assessment on the site of the former Woolwich Arsenal.

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