Working in support of seismic clients for oil and gas exploration projects, SafeLane has been providing safeguarding, consultancy, detection and battle area clearance services since inception.

SafeLane's focus is to ensure safe working environments for seismic clients, and to ensure their work programmes are not delayed or restricted by the presence of mines or unexploded ordnance.

SafeLane supports its seismic clients with their hydrocarbon habitat studies, ensuring client personnel are safeguarded, and their projects remain viable and on track.

From prospect identification through to geophysical and seismic assessments, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) consultants provide safeguarding and consultancy services.

Ahead of any initial seismic assessments or imaging work, safeguarding consultants protect geophysicists as they conduct initial surveys.  They identify suspected hazardous areas and inform planning to ensure opportunities are realised without risk.

Technical survey teams can then survey any confirmed hazardous areas, identifying the presence of minefields or UXO where seismic lines are proposed.

Full clearance follows ahead of seismic acquisition survey rigs, with SafeLane’s teams working 10,000m2 and a day ahead of client teams.

Safe lanes are cleared and marked for vibe trucks to follow – and seismic activities are enabled.

Case studies

Kurdistan clearance for 3D seismic project

SafeLane Global secured a contract to conduct explosive remnants of war and battle area clearance in Kurdistan.

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Explosive ordnance desktop assessment for oil company South Sudan

SafeLane Global conducted an explosive ordnance desktop assessment for a leading oil company.

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UXO and ERW clearance of Kuwait oil fields

SafeLane Global was tasked with clearing unexploded ordnance (UXO) and explosive remnants of war (ERW) for a private client in Kuwait.

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