SafeLane Global is trusted to create safer marine environments around the world.

It delivers comprehensive offshore, nearshore and inshore unexploded ordnance consultancy, detection and clearance services for its commercial, humanitarian and governmental clients.

Additionally, it offers technical diving and marine engineering services, and has a large global network of ready-to-deploy assets and personnel.

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and unexploded ordnance (UXO) risk mitigation marine services:

SafeLane Global has unparalleled in-house expertise and provides a comprehensive range of marine explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and unexploded ordnance (UXO) risk mitigation services: from risk assessments to full clearance. It employs suitably qualified and experienced personnel, and supplies all specialist equipment required for inshore, nearshore and offshore operations anywhere in the world. For situations where proactive survey or clearance is not possible, SafeLane Global supplies on-board, on-shore or on-call marine EOD experts to deal with encountered threats, supported with pre-prepared response plans designed to minimise delays to operations – without compromising safety.

Technical diving and underwater engineering services:

Beyond the identification and mitigation of underwater risks, such as unexploded ordnance, SafeLane Global’s technical marine capabilities include an extensive range of engineering services. It has been involved in hydraulic steel construction since 2000 for example; work includes new construction, repairs and reconstruction. SafeLane Global also offers salvage operations as well as underwater concrete and welding services.

Marine operations:

SafeLane Global’s experienced senior leadership team has clear understanding of the unique challenges that can affect proposed marine developments, such as unexploded ordnance hazards. It has the technical capacity and in-house expertise to assess and defeat these risks. Its marine team is highly qualified, experienced and ready to deploy rapidly – anywhere in the world.

The four stages of marine operations:

1. Consultancy and risk management

SafeLane Global provides the full range of marine consultancy services worldwide, all specifically designed to address and manage the threat of conventional UXO and chemical warfare agents.

2. Proactive works and survey

SafeLane has extensive experience in offshore, nearshore and intertidal surveys.  It employs a variety of technologies for marine underwater surveys and utilises specialist vessels, configurations, hardware and software.

3. Investigation and identification

SafeLane undertakes projects which involve target relocation, investigation and identification of different types of UXO in varied marine environments to depths in excess of 2000m.  These range from rivers, intertidal zones and offshore, to more complex operations such as the accessing, render safe and recovery.

4. Removal and disposal

Marine disposal operations may involve the detonation of UXO in-situ, the recovery and removal of UXO to a pre-designated disposal area within the marine environment, or recovery to land for disposal.   Operations can be conducted in waters of various depths utilising both divers and / or remote operated vehicles.

Its extensive worldwide marine experience includes:

  • Consultancy, including quality assurance/quality assessment (QA/QC), of international survey and clearance operations.
  • Inshore, nearshore and offshore non-intrusive and intrusive geophysical surveys.
  • Remote operated underwater vehicle (ROV) and diver investigation and disposal operations ahead of geotechnical and construction phases for offshore renewables sites, as well as cable lay, pipe lay, ports, harbours and other associated infrastructure developments.
  • UXO management support to capital dredging operations.
  • Management and implementation of environmental risk mitigation for offshore disposal operations.
  • Delivery of technical diving and marine capabilities include an extensive range of engineering services.

Recent projects undertaken include:

  • Consultancy services to Nord Stream in the Baltic Sea and South Stream/Turk Stream in the Black Sea, including management of conventional UXO and chemical warfare munitions risk.
  • Supplying technical onboard support teams ahead of cable and pipe laying operations in the Adriatic, English Channel, Baltic Sea, North Sea and Black Sea
  • Onshore, nearshore and offshore geophysical survey operations in Georgia (Caucasus) for a future harbour development, and the North Sea for the offshore renewables sector.
  • Non-intrusive and intrusive survey works in London’s Docklands for London City Airport, at Westminster and at Portsmouth’s Royal Naval Dockyard, resulting in multi-asset investigation operations, employing divers, remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) and mechanical excavations.
  • Clearance operations at London City Airport utilising diver and mechanical investigations.
  • Survey and clearance operations within canals, rivers and other inland waterways.

Marine office locations:

For all German marine operations, SafeLane Global maintains a dedicated marine office in Barth, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. 
All British and international projects are managed from its marine headquarters in Gillingham Kent, England.

Full details of all marine unexploded ordnance services offered are available to download here.

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