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SafeLane has a dedicated canine training facility based in Pretoria South Africa; it's an internationally recognised centre of excellence.

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SafeLane Global has a dedicated canine training facility based in Pretoria; it is an internationally recognised centre of excellence established in 1998. It is situated on 8 hectares and is custom designed with on-site training facilities. All canines receive an exceptional level of training from the SafeLane Global team of trainers, led by its Kennel Master.

The Training Facility General Manager and the Canine Operations Manager select high quality dogs from registered providers to undergo thorough training in skills such as patrolling, explosive and narcotic detection as required by clients.

Throughout their development, dogs are exposed to an exhaustive range of stimuli, scenarios and locations. For example, dummy minefields, buildings, ruins, shopping malls, items of baggage and vehicles of all types.

A close relationship between a dog and its handler is established early, with the handler spending as much time with their dogs as they can. This ensures a symbiosis between them that has proven effects in the field.

South Africa dog training facility

Under the watchful guidance of the senior managers, dog training is constantly monitored both internally and externally by a third party. This verifies that dogs and handlers are fully competent.

Continuation training occurs every day throughout a dog’s working life. This ensures that handler and canine skills remain sharp and current.

For dogs not on active duty it means they are ready to deploy at short notice. In the last three years alone, the Training Facility has trained and supported the deployment of 250 canines in the field.

SafeLane Global is committed to quality management, and to this end adheres to ISO9001:2015 guidelines. Its Training Facility in South Africa and kennel facilities in Kabul, and Erbil allow it to provide the highest standard of training to its canines, ensuring optimum performance levels.

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