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SafeLane provides canine consultancy services for its governmental, commercial and humanitarian clients globally, based on its own needs analysis review. It also works with clients to understand how its own canine teams can support operations. It sources and trains canines and handlers to meet any client detection or protection requirements. 

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Canine consultancy services

Based on its extensive experience of deploying operational detection and protection canine teams around the world for the last 30 years, SafeLane Global understands that each client project has unique requirements.

Beginning with needs analysis, SafeLane offers bespoke canine solutions for any individual project’s requirements.

Thereafter the right dogs are sourced, trained, paired with the best handlers and supported through deployment and into active operations.

Canine training consultancy

SafeLane provides needs analysis of training requirements and can tailor bespoke training packages to meet clients' needs. 

Examples include providing instruct the trainer packages for a national police force.  The package enables trainers to graduate with the ability to themselves instruct to a standard equivalent to the latest UK government backed training.  

SafeLane's training consultancy extends to the provision of modular training packages.

Additional consultancy services:

Kennel design and construction: SafeLane has an in-house kennel design team.  On a recent project deployment to Burkina Faso they developed state of the art kennelling that far exceeds the kennel specification requirements of both IMAS 09.40 and the UN Quality Standards.  The kennels include outside runs, air conditioned sleeping compartments and room for the kennel hands to sleep over.

SafeLane advisors support working dog owners to embed solutions to minimise kennel stress through a unique kennel enrichment service.  From the utilisation of classical music to the build of raised platforms, from encouraging the company of other dogs to developing training to help handlers better relate to their working dogs.

Audit and accreditation support is a consultancy service regularly requested. Quality standards of dogs and handlers are assessed for SOP compliance.

Optimisation of deployment and rostering for efficiency and effectiveness to ensure clients are getting the best performance from teams and efficiency.

Development of national or in-country training and accreditation schemes.  SafeLane works to a level based on the very latest UK government standards when teaching, assessing and accrediting.

SafeLane's leading canine consultants are search specialists  whom have searved over 24 years as the Chief Trainer of the British Army who was instrumental in developing the highest levels of training and accreditation currently employed across Defence. 

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