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Rapid responses are delivered daily by SafeLane Global personnel as they attend contaminated sites and finds of potential unexploded ordnance. Reactive consultancy is also a part of its projects in some of the most hostile and remote environments including Somalia and Yemen.

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What is explosive threat reactive consultancy?

Explosive threat reactive consultancy is a service SafeLane Global provides to help clients manage and mitigate the risks associated with explosive hazards.  Reactive consultants are highly experienced professionals who work in support of planned construction or seismic operations, and are responsible for identifying, clearing, or advising on hazards to be avoided.

SafeLane’s reactive consultants work to establish good working relationships with local authorities and communities to ensure a successful project, no matter where it is in the world.  The consultants work closely with local stakeholders to understand their concerns and address any issues that may arise during the course of the project.

Reactive consultants typically work ahead of crews to identify, clear or advise on hazards to be avoided. This involves conducting site assessments, risk assessments and providing recommendations for the safe and efficient management of explosive hazards.

Rapid response teams are also an important part of SafeLane Global's reactive consultancy service provision. These teams can conduct a wide range of activities, including land mine and battle area survey and clearance, explosive ordnance disposal and route assessments.

Rapid response teams can quickly deploy to any location in the world to respond to emergency situations and ensure that risks are managed in a safe and efficient manner.  However, if they form part of the reactive consultancy offering, they are ready and waiting to be called forward on a client’s site – preventing any delays to a project’s advancement.

Explosive threat reactive consultancy helps SafeLane’s clients understand, manage, and mitigate the risks associated with explosive hazards.

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