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SafeLane Global provides unexploded ordnance safeguarding services internationally. Safeguarding services protect its clients’ personnel, especially during reconnaissance operations ahead of construction or seismic work in potentially contaminated areas. 

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Safeguarding explained:

Safeguarding helps SafeLane’s clients manage and mitigate the risks associated with explosive hazards.  It can take many forms, from risk awareness training for personnel about to be deployed, to physical chaperoning in the field.

This service is always conducted by highly trained and experienced explosive ordnance disposal consultants, who are able to ensure the safe movement of clients’ staff and assets, and increase their awareness of the threat of explosive remnants of war (ERW).

Safeguarding protects clients and their personnel from the risks associated with explosive hazards – whether that’s land mines, chemical munitions or improvised explosive devices (IEDs) for example.  A safeguarding consultancy service is regularly utilized by companies operating in the oil and gas and mineral mining industries, where the presence of unexploded ordnance and other explosive hazards is a significant risk factor.

Safeguarding is particularly important during the initial feasibility and exploration phases of a project when risks are highest and budgets are typically limited.

Safeguarding typically includes risk assessments, threat analysis, and the development of risk management plans.  The intent is to protect people and ensure client operations can continue safely and efficiently in areas where explosive hazards may be present.

By managing risks so proactively and early in a project lifecycle, SafeLane’s clients are able to avoid costly delays and disruptions later on.  This helps to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget, while also ensuring that personnel and assets are kept safe.

Safeguarding can be a standalone service, or form part of SafeLane’s wider explosive threat mitigation toolbox to ensure commercial clients’ projects are carefully planned and safely executed.

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