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Safety and Awareness Training

SafeLane provides explosive ordnance safety training, toolbox talks and safeguarding service for construction workers, infrastructure and logistic companies and emergency first responders.

We keep your personnel safe


SafeLane's explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) experts have created an industry leading exploded ordnance (EO) training programme.  It’s ideal for construction workers, those conducting intrusive works (e.g., infrastructure, ground workers, miners and emergency first responders).

As a responsible employer, committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of your staff, SafeLane’s continuing professional development accredited exploded ordnance awareness training is the right choice.

Explosive ordnance, site specific, safety awareness training

The training covers: 

·       relevant historical information relating to the types of bombs and munitions that still contaminate the land you’re working on,

·       ordnance identification,

·       site safety precautions,

·       actions if a suspicious object is found during the course of the works, and,

·       management review safety planning.

How is the training delivered?

Each course is tailored to you, the client.  Consideration is given to the location you’re working in, and the likely threats your staff could encounter.

Courses can be delivered face-to-face, on site, and at any project location globally - or remotely.

SafeLane provides Site Specific Safety Instructions (SSSI): this is site-specific reference documentation and training that allow you, our client, to understand and react appropriately to any explosive items encountered on your work site.

Safeguarding services

Safeguarding protects SafeLane’s clients’ personnel, especially during reconnaissance operations ahead of construction or seismic work in potentially contaminated areas. Additionally, it can also assist and support client’s personnel and equipment when conducting survey operations.

SafeLane embeds experts to assess ground conditions, establish and identify the possible EO threat to protect staff and ensure safe operations at all times.

The service ensures the safe movement of clients’ staff and assets, and increases their awareness to the threat of EO.

Protect your personnel and your reputation

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