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Bombs at Tesla's factory SafeLane Global

SafeLane Global's explosive ordnance experts are searching for bombs on the site of Tesla's megafactory in Brandenberg, Germany.

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As you can see from the above image, SafeLane has literally bussed in explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) experts in Germany to help clear land ahead of construction of Tesla's new mega factory.

Tesla is about to build its factory on greenbelt land near Berlin - in the Brandenburg region of Germany, close to SafeLane's offices in Ludwigsfelde.

The factory will make batteries, powertrains and vehicles.  It will start by building Elon Musk's latest model, a compact SUV called the Model Y.

SafeLane has EOD teams on site providing non-intrusive magnetometer surveys - as illustrated below.  They are searching for any form of unexploded ordnance - from bombs to munitions, from bullets to grenades.

In Germany, explosive finds are more commonplace than in the UK; multiple finds can be made on a daily basis.  SafeLane has been a leading provider of end-to-end explosive ordnance disposal services in Germany for 30 years and today delivers everything from risk assessments to non-intrusive surveys, and from intrusive surveys to comprehensive clearance.

There's estimated to be at least 100 years' worth of clearance left in Germany - but at least on the land earmarked by Tesla for its latest venture, there are no major obstructions hindering detection of any potential explosive threats.

If you're planning any form of intrusive works in Germany - from construction to infrastructure improvement for example - contact SafeLane for comprehensive support.


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