Supporting commercial mining operations in Europe and Africa; removing threats posed by everything from intruders, land contaminants and unexploded ordnance including IEDs.

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SafeLane provides comprehensive and fully integrated explosive hazard and security risk solutions to mining clients. It supports the commercial success of operations, protecting personnel, assets and project outcomes. Solutions provided range from canine protection teams to manual detection and mechanical extraction of explosive threats.

SafeLane understands the significant commercial, environmental and explosive hazard risks mining companies face daily, globally.  

These risks are severely compounded if mining in an unstable or post-conflict zone.

From extensive experience providing fully integrated detection and protection solutions, SafeLane understand these risks.  Its work mitigates the risks its mining client face, allowing them to focus on their development and extraction work.

Whether your environment is contaminated with explosive hazards such as unexploded ordnance, or it's affected by other security or contamination risks, SafeLane's solutions will enable you to maintain profitable operations.

SafeLane's experienced professionals work with you to understand your project requirements and desired outcomes.  A bespoke solution is then designed and implemented to remove threats to your personnel, project and profits.

Protect your project's personnel and profitability

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