Working in support of seismic clients for oil and gas exploration projects, SafeLane has been providing safeguarding, consultancy, detection and battle area clearance services since inception. 

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Mitigating explosive threats is crucial to ensuring the safety of project personnel, to protect equipment and infrastructure, and to foster safe and sustainable development. 

SafeLane supports its seismic clients with their hydrocarbon habitat studies, ensuring client personnel are safeguarded, and their projects remain viable and on track.

SafeLane's focus is to ensure safe working environments for seismic clients, and to ensure their work programmes are not delayed or restricted by the presence of mines or unexploded ordnance.

From prospect identification through to geophysical and seismic assessments, SafeLane provides the full suite of services from desktop study to safeguarding and survey and clearance operations.

Keeping projects and personnel safe from explosive risk

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