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Companies that care day

It's companies that care day: so let's celebrate our colleagues who’ve taken time over the last 12 challenging months to raise money to help others.

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As it’s ‘companies that care’ day today, we marketers (Rhiannon and Mary) are grabbing this opportunity by the horns!  We’re using it to shout about our remarkable colleagues who’ve taken time out over the last 12 challenging months to raise money to help other people. 

After all, as our CEO Adam Ainsworth says, “The true value of our company lies in the unrivalled calibre of everyone within it.”

Celebrating our colleagues

2020 was an unprecedentedly challenging year for everyone, globally.  Fortunately, SafeLane was able to make strong, early progress in making a positive difference by ramping up the distribution of the funds raised from its 2019 Global Gallop fundraiser

All money was considerately distributed to support families who had been impacted by explosive accidents, helping to provide food, shelter, medical care, education and vital equipment to support them with their lives.

This incredible initiative, which saw SafeLane colleagues all around the world running together and raising over £10,000 pre-pandemic, was just the beginning – 2020 saw many other efforts from our amazing colleagues who were determined to do their bit to make the world a better place.

Achievements include, but are not restricted to the following highlights:

  • Donations to purchase CuddleCots.  Assistant Accountant Jon Evans helped raise money in memory of his beautiful grandson, William.  You can contribute to this incredibly worthwhile cause here.
  • Toilet twinning. Led by SafeLane’s CFO Rob Hunter and the International Finance Team, staff at HQ tried to give up ‘toilet talk’ for lent.  With money raised by those who failed to watch their potty mouths, they were able to finance a new toilet and clean water in Gunyere Village, Zimbabwe.
  • Financial Controller Jonathan Kennedy embraced Movember and gave everyone a good laugh at his expense!
  • HR Manager Sharon worked with the IT department and donated 5 retired SafeLane laptops to a school in Kent.
  • At WB&AD Morgan, Pump Engineer and Electrician Mark Griffiths used his long-service thank you gift to twin the office taps in Presteigne to provide clean water taps in Africa.
  • UK Contracts Manager Lucie Tiverrier collected and delivered Christmas gifts to the Children’s Ward at Darrent Valley Hospital AND has taken up the challenge to run / walk 2021km in 2021.  She is doing this with her rugby team to support local charity ‘Choices.’  The charity enables people to escape domestic abuse.  Find our more here.
  • Last but not least, CEO Adam Ainsworth sacrificed his hair for charity!  He took part in the Covhead challenge to raise funds for the NHS.  The entire company made donations, partly to support the fantastic work the NHS were doing - and in all honestly, partly to have a laugh at Adam’s new look (sorry, boss!)

Due to the core nature of the work our colleagues at SafeLane do in clearing contaminated environments for communities, drilling for water and removing deadly explosive threats, ours is inherently a company that cares.  So, just for today we wanted to highlight some of the remarkable individuals with whom we have the pleasure of working.

Thank you all for your hard work, and for going above and beyond to make the world a better place.


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