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SafeLane’s favourite projects

The Project Executive team share stories from their favourite projects.

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SafeLane’s Project Executives share their favourite projects

In the run up to International Women’s Day, SafeLane’s marketing team has been shadowing the Project Executives (PEs) to learn more about their critical work.   

This team of incredible women are instrumental to the successful delivery of projects worldwide.

They have an extensive global portfolio and have supported work in countries including:

Project aims have included:

What’s been your favourite project to work on and why?

Mel: For me, it’s definitely our C-IED mentoring and training project in Somalia.

Having mobilised the project from inception in early 2016, it was a pleasure to watch the project mature and develop over the last 3 years.

In overcoming the challenges new project mobilisations brings, it was even more satisfying to be re-awarded the contract re-tender at the end of 2018. We have a fantastic team working there who are a pleasure to work with.

Mel, Debbie, and Marta on a project visit to Somalia in 2019

Bryony: My favourite project to have worked on is the current humanitarian demining project in Yemen, Project Masam.

This is the largest project SafeLane currently supports and is one that I have worked with from the project’s inception.

Operating in a current war zone brings with it a multitude of factors that need to be carefully considered, this certainly keeps you on your toes.

Supporting this project provides me with some great exposure, both in terms of my professional development but also in terms of my interest in global current affairs.

The amount of ordnance that the teams are clearing in Yemen is truly remarkable; being able to support the project to fulfil its aim of reducing the threat posed to human life is incredibly rewarding.

Project Executive Bryony Broadman with a car boot full of explosive ordnance

Kelly: Our canine project in Burkina Faso is my personal favourite as it was the first project I was given when I joined the company.

I mobilised it and am now in the process of demobilising it - it’s really satisfying to be able to contribute to the entire lifecycle of a project.

It made me push myself to improve my French (which is still a work in progress), learn about the canine detection side of the business, and allowed me to fully immerse myself in the history, culture and political realities of a country that I had never heard of prior to joining!

Project Executive Kelly experiencing bite training with SafeLane canines in Burkina Faso

I also thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck in with training, play time and caring for our amazing canines on project.

Alice: My current project in Al Mutlaa, Kuwait has been my favourite so far because I have had the opportunity to work on this particular contract since the bid phase.

The Al Mutlaa contract was also my first major mobilisation after only being with the company for 6 months, so it came with some challenges!

ATV non intrusive survey in Kuwait

This experience has been invaluable in terms of my professional development.  Shortly I will be involved in the demobilisation, which will complete my exposure to the lifecycle of this project.

Mel: My other favourite project (I can’t just pick one!) is the work we’ve done in Western Sahara.

Having mobilised the contract in 2014, I returned to the Western Sahara project last year.  Since 2014 my skills and experience have developed and in returning to this project, I understood how much my knowledge has grown.

Western Sahara Landmine Clearance Training

It was even more satisfying to visit the project last November and travel to see our multi-task teams operating in the desert.

Global experience

Of the top 10 countries at highest risk of a terrorist attack, SafeLane has been operational in 6 and has ongoing operations in 4.  The Project Executive team understands the challenges of working in austere environments and war affected countries globally.

It’s this incredible depth of understanding that makes the team exceptional. 

Mel, Bryony, Alice and Kelly work hard to develop their professional skills, maintain a good understanding of current affairs, and support each other to overcome challenges to ensure clients’ project aims are met.

It’s certainly not your average job!

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