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World Creativity and Innovation Day

The United Nations has designated the 21st of April World Creativity and Innovation Day, #WCID. It’s a day to focus on and celebrate the roles of both creativity and innovation in problem solving.

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To mark the day, we asked International Operations Manager Daniel Carter to explain how SafeLane’s focus on innovation in solving improvised explosive device threat mitigation (IED-TM) problems assists clients and ensures the safety and security of peacekeepers so that they can deliver mission objectives and meet the sustainable development agenda.

Innovation in improvised explosive device threat mitigation

"Innovation is required when developing IED-TM strategies to stay one step ahead of the terrorist IED threat.  The problem is that each operating environment has its own tactical challenges and each terrorist armed group (TAG) has its own modus operandi that presents a different technical challenge. 

"You cannot apply IED-TM strategies in the same manner across all programmes as this may mean your approach is not consistent with the threat. 

"SafeLane’s innovative approach to this problem is to always ensure that our strategy is commensurate with the IED threat and is designed to defeat even the most complex tactical and technical threats.

"For example, prior to implementing the IED-TM strategy of ‘Detection’ we will analyse the current threat and predict the likely development of that threat to ensure we will stay ahead of the terrorist tactics, techniques and procedures. 

"This may require the test, evaluation and implementation of new and pioneering detection equipment to ensure that the IED threat is effectively mitigated, allowing peacekeepers freedom of movement on their operational taskings. 

"This approach improves both the operational output and the safety of SafeLane personnel, peacekeepers and civilians."

The application of innovative solutions to solve training needs

"In another example, in terms of meeting the IED-TM training requirements of peacekeepers, we can conduct an analysis of the current in-country IED-TM capability. 

"This analysis will identify any gaps in that capability and SafeLane can then cater to the training needs accordingly.  Resources and equipment available may be limited, due to this reduced capacity the training provided may require the identification of innovative new techniques to achieve the aim."

About Daniel Carter

Daniel’s background as an Ammunition Technician and a High Threat Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) Operator for the British Army means he brings the highest level of technical expertise and quality assurance to SafeLane’s international projects.  Discover more in his Staff Spotlight.

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